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The PSPedia2

Welcome to the PSPedia2!

The PSPedia2 is a wiki dedicated to Phantasy Star Portable 2, the second installment of the Phantasy Star series to hit the PlayStation Portable.

Preserved in subspace

With the transition of the PSUPedia to read-only on November 11, 2012, this wiki as well as the Zeropedia and the forum have made the same transformation. This conversion has been made to preserve all of the content that the community has compiled over the years as well as reduce our server expenses. From now on, account creation and article editing have been disabled.

To the entire Phantasy Star community, you have our greatest appreciation! Thank you for your support throughout the years! We hope to see you in Phantasy Star Online 2 and at the Arkive!

- The PSPedia 2 staff

Concerning multi-region support

The original plan for the PSPedia2 was to have it fully support both the Japanese and English releases of Phantasy Star Portable 2, giving players the information they wanted regardless of the version of the game being played. This was all based around the assumption that little would change during localization... but you know what they say about assuming! Considering the number (and magnitude) of changes made between releases -- we're talking item drops, weapon upgrade and extend stats, item availability and probably more -- we are gearing the site more toward the English-speaking community. While item drop differences can be easily spotted by regional flags (Japanese version and English version) and other variances are explicitly stated in writing, upgrade statistics in our weapon articles are all based on the English release (except, of course, for weapons which are exclusive to the Japanese version).

Playing Japanese download missions on US/EU PSP2

It has been discovered that the Japanese download missions work on PSP2! If you want to know more, look here.


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