Akahara Reisou (male clothes)

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Akahara Reisou (male clothes)

A forgery of an outfit worn by a man known as the "Iron Hero." He neither ran from nor won a single fight.
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Item details

  • The Japanese name of these clothes is 赤原礼装.
  • These clothes can be obtained by entering the following password in your visiphone:
    • English version: 2493 2270 through 2493 2279
    • Japanese version: 4376 1260 through 4376 1269
  • This is the costume of the character Archer from the anime and visual novel "Fate/stay night".

Item data

Clothes data
Type Full clothing set Overlap No overlap
Rarity 10★ Mfr. Kubara product
Ver. Phantasy Star Portable 2 Gender
Clothing colors
Red x black (2493 2270) Blue x black (2493 2271)
Yellow x black (2493 2272) Green x black (2493 2273)
Purple x black (2493 2274) Pink x black (2493 2275)
Brown x black (2493 2276) Light blue x black (2493 2277)
Black x black (2493 2278) White x black (2493 2279)
Shop information
Shop location Not for sale
Base buy price Not for sale
Base sell price Cannot be sold

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