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Area is the general term for each particular mission setting in Phantasy Star Portable 2. Other than being visually different and having different maps, different areas each have unique area drops, usually trade items and PA Discs.

Note that some areas have variations which may or may not be considered separate areas. For example, the Mizuraki C.D. area has several variations based on the time of day, but these are all considered to be the same area. There is also a very similar area called Saguraki C.D., which despite the similarities is a distinct area with its own drops.

The areas in Phantasy Star Portable 2 are listed below grouped by planet. Note that a mission does not have to take place on a particular planet to use one of its areas (examples include Endrum Remnants, which takes place on Parum but uses the Moatoob Il Cabo area, and the VR missions on CRAD-6 which emulate areas not on the colony).


Areas associated with Parum

Areas associated with Neudaiz

Areas associated with Moatoob

Areas associated with CLAD-6

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