Celebrity Aura

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(Celeboutique Aura)

An armor aura module that exudes a divine aura suitable only for A-list celebrities.
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Item details

  • The Japanese name of this module is セレブティックオーラ.
  • This unit becomes available to buy after clearing all story missions on normal.
  • Obtained as a reward for getting the Shopaholic title (Spend 10,000,000 meseta).
  • When equipped, this unit envelopes the user in a sparkling aura.

Item data

Module stats
Type Visual unit Rarity 11★ Mfr. Kubara product
STA 10 Req. N/A
Special effect None
Shop information
Shop location Shield-Weave Shop
Base buy price 3000000
Base sell price Cannot be sold
Drop information
Source Level HU RA FO VA Ver. Rgn.
No known drop sources.