Chapter 6 - Act 1

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In this mission, you will be fighting in a simulator and trying to earn points by defeating monsters - each monster group that you kill will give you a reward in points. Certain areas are marked as bonus rounds - you must kill all the enemies within the allotted time to get the reward, which in this part is Sand Rappies. These Sand Rappies are worth a whopping 120 points per group and are the only way to get to 1000 points for your S-Rank. There are lots of traps in the areas - be careful as touching the yellow beams that swing back and forth will warp you back to the beginning of the current room. Colored switches will unlock laser gates of the same color.

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. Normal Hard
Rappy Polec Light icon.gif 35 -- -- --
Booma Ice icon.gif 37 -- -- --
Gobooma Ground icon.gif 37 -- -- --
Savage Wolf Ice icon.gif 37 -- -- --
Bil De Vear Ground icon.gif 40 -- -- --