Fanta Quiz Battle

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Fanta Quiz Battle
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Field N/A
Mission type Tactical mission
Mode availability Multi-mode only
Party size 1-4 players
Enemy elements Light icon.gif Ground icon.gif Fire icon.gif {{}}

This is a Quiz game mission where the player will have to answer a total of 5 questions. It is 6 questions if the player has answered any of the first four questions wrong. Dying in any part of the quiz deducts one point of the player with scape doll(Mission fail is there is no scape doll present). Answering the question incorrectly for 4 of the questions spawns turrets that shoots lasers at those in the viccinity of the wrong answer area.
The Bonus Game mode of this mission requires 10 points minimum to be played. The 10 points can be attained by any player. This is an obstacle room where the point is to reach to the end and attain the variety of Juice. Finding the wrong choice at the end of the corridor sets off a bomb in close proximity. Traps damage is boosted. Scape Dolls do not work but Moon Atomizers do. Players will not fail mission if incapacitated in Bonus Round.
Note: Due to translation error from Japanese to EU/US. The juices attained from this mission will appear as Ladean Pillars and there are no actual image design for the decoration.

Mission requirements and rewards

LV Req. LV Enemy LV Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
C None 1+ 1500 30 -- 20 -- -- -- --
Photon Drop
Phantasy Burger
Hot Seat
Photon Booster
Photon Code

Mission Notes

I think a lot of series of question. It's depend of character who give you answer.

Character quiz:

  • YUT


  • 1 - It's question with "yes" or "no" answer. = 2 points awarded for the correct answer.
  • 2 - It's question with four answer (I don't speak japanese sorry GOOD LUCK). = 2 points awarded for the correct answer.
  • 3 - It's question battle, here kill twin same monster the first name appear in bleu the second in red. = 2 points awarded for the correct answer. Getting the question wrong will spawn 4 Ubakurada that must be defeated before proceeding further.

- ラッピー・ポレック is the japanase name of rappy polec and カクワネ is the japanese name of kakwane

  • 4 - It's question with four answer (I don't speak japanese sorry GOOD LUCK). = 2 points awarded for the correct answer
  • 5 - This is a bonus round question for the group that has answered incorrectly the other 4 questions. It is a battle choice question where defeating the same enemy twice will be the answer of the question. Getting this question correct awards double of your current score. Getting this question wrong spawns 4 Dakamazli to eliminate before proceeding further.

- バイシャ甲21型 is the japanese name is "Bysha type-Koh21" and バイシャ乙32型 is the japanese name for "Bysha type-Koh32." Look at the number for find the target monster.

  • 6 - It's question with "yes" or "no" answer. = 2 points are awarded for the correct answer.

Quiz Help for question

This page but in JAP [1]

Enemy information

Enemy name Japanese Name Enemy buffs Ele. Difficulty
Rappy Polec ラッピー・ポレック Light icon.gif 10 --
Kakwane カクワネ Light icon.gif 10 --
Bysha type-Koh21 バイシャ甲21型 Ground icon.gif -- --
Bysha type-Otsu32 バイシャ乙32型 Ground icon.gif -- --
Ubakurada ウバクラダ -- -- --
Dakamazli ダカマズリ Fire icon.gif -- --

Item drops