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The rare weapon registry is a checklist of unique weapons which appears on everyone's partner card. There are 112 weapons in this list, though there seems to be no specific criteria which earns a weapon placement here. The effects, if any, of collecting all weapons in the registry are unknown.

Rare weapon registry

Cat. Name
Last Survivor Replica Bloody Fluge Dyran Slayer Agito Replica
Fighting Beat Screw Gloves Sacred Dusters Melan Knuckles
Halva Rafagga Ubakurada Headbutt Demonic Fork Berdysh
Double Saber Replica Nyoibo Carriguine-Rucar Absolute Blade
Ank Bico Bil De Horn Axe Ill Gill Testament Morat Machinas
Twin Fluorescents Dual DB's Swords Twin Distortion Sangeyasha
Rappy Tippies Cross Scar Amure Tippies Brandish
Twin Photon Claws Twin Bear Claws Vanda Claws T. Genuine Neiclaws
Beefedge Rare Durandal Replica Kusanagi Delnadiblade
Rappy Tip Assassin Dagger Diska Slasher Kamui
Booma Claw Faz'ntar Head Silence Claw Falclaw
Accordion Whip Vitace Reacher Gigas Spinner Ophidian Medusa
Sylpheed Nagesen Divine Breath Blitz Gazer
Black Meteora Frost Shot Bringer Rifle Rebellion
Shigga Bomac Van Brella Missouri S012 Spread Needle
Tengoh Bow Poron Southern Cross Rygutass Storm
Reol Variant Zoal Head Inferno Bazooka Massacre Bunker
Laser Pannon Gui Ghu Laser Degahna Cannon Voltech Breath
Bulletmastric Twin Varista T-Yasminkov 2000H Pandora Extreme
Beamguc Ruby Bullet Glasher Ma'dan Mistilteinn
Sand Rappy Bow Din De Bel Queen Viera De Golus Bow
Dream Master Primera Fiore Cadianna Talis
Beam Vulcanic H&K38 Combat Sp. Magana Revolta Yasminkov 9000
Mark III Sonichi 490 Ossoria Shag Preta
Plantain Leaf Chao Staff Gaozoran Rod Psycho Wand
Papillion Dance Ragan Head Twinkle Star Motav Prophecy
Koltova Madog Shato Lukmin Dol Vaverg
Trinity Bash Green Ring Denish Mari Impasse

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