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JP name SEEDヘルガ
Enemy type Humanoid
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Dark icon.gif



Mission Monster Lv
The Magashi Plan 175
Maximum Attack Cross III -- -- -- 190

Drop data

LV Common drops Hunters Rangers Forces Vanguards Missions
1-9 Helga Portrait -- -- -- -- --
10-29 -- -- -- -- --
30-49 -- -- -- -- --
50-74 -- -- -- -- --
75-99 Halp Serafi Halp Serafi Halp Serafi Halp Serafi --
100-124 Halp Serafi
Helga Portrait
-- -- -- -- --
125-149 -- -- -- -- --
150-174 Queen Viera English version -- -- Dagger of Serafi English version
Queen Viera English version
175-200 Queen Viera English version -- -- Dagger of Serafi English version
Queen Viera English version


  • Hair Whip - Seed-Helga can use her hair as a melee weapon to lash at players in a variety of way. Deals knockback and inflicts Virus in most cases.
  • Crushing Hair Storm - Seed-Helga can slam her hair underground and resurface them near players, dealing high damage and inflicting Virus.
  • Megid - Seeed-Helga can cast Megid twice in a single attack.
  • Jellen - Seed-Helga can cast Jellen.


USE A GUN! If your a Ranger, this fight will be easier than it might be for other types. If you dont have a gun available, then just buckle down and get ready for an annoying fight. While vets might find her easier than others, she still must not be taken too lightly. Fighting from a range gives you the best chance at sucsess(slicers and whips work well too). For those using melee, use a fast acting weapon such as a Dagger. The Dagger's PAs are quick and evasive, which will be useful traits during the fight. Always be prepared to debuff Jellen, as you will need all the strength you can muster. It wont be easy to block her melee attacks. All them hit fast and hard. Vets shouldnt find blocking her attacks to be too hard. However, begginers should just be ready to heal frequetly. Using traps is pointless. Seed-Helga moves far too much for traps to be of much use. Of all the advantages she has, she has 1 weakness. She tends to fight in a strict routine. Memorizing it is your biggest advantage.