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JP name シズル
Enemy type Humanoid
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Dark icon.gif



Shizuru has several 'modes' of attack, depending on which weapons he is using.

  • Sword Mode - While Shizuru uses his sword, he performs melee attacks and running thrusts.
  • Gun Mode - Shizuru has access to guns. If he uses these, he will perform a scatter shot (several bullets in a burst or fired in a wide pattern).
  • Dagger Mode - Shizuru's daggers allow him to perform a large attack that does extremely high damage.
  • Teleport - Shizuru can disappear and reappear in another location (usually near the player).
  • Clones - Sometimes Shizuru can be accompanied by 2 clones. If this is the case, they can cast Shifta and Deband which will also affect the real Shizuru.
  • Blade Counter - If hit by an attack that would launch, knock back or knock down, Shizuru usually counters with a ranged beam from his sword. This does extremely severe damage.
  • Megiverse - Shizuru can cast Megiverse.
  • Megid - Shizuru can cast Megid. If with clones, the clones will usually cast it at the same time (making it more of a barrage).


Vanguard is without doubt the easiest class to beat Shizuru with. Without his clones, he is a much easier fight. If accompanied by 2 clones, it is highly advised to switch to Vanguard. The use of Stun EX traps makes this a lot less painful, because Shizuru's clones can be inflicted with Stun (note that the real Shizuru will only take damage, not Stun). Freeze Traps will work too, but the damage/status affliction a Stun EX provides is extremely useful here. By killing Shizuru's clones quickly, you can focus on the real one without being hounded by 2 additional targets. Shizuru himself is immune to most if not all statuses, and cannot be directly affected by disruptive attacks. However, if you use a launch/knockdown/knockback attack on him, he will almost certainly counter immediately with his blade's energy beam. The damage from this attack is extremely high, and if the clones have managed to use Shifta on him it can even kill a player of equal level in one hit. Because of this, do not use any kind of stagger attack against him. If Shizuru starts using his guns, keep away from him and block/dodge. Because he fires a cluster of shots, at close range you will get hit by every bullet and likely die. In Gun Mode, use the time to block/heal and attack in between his hits if possible. In Dagger Mode, watch for his large attack. It has a long wind-up, so prepare by blocking/evading. Shizuru can be an extremely difficult foe to deal with, which is why switching to Vanguard for EX Traps / high EVP is highly recommended.

If your partners are around level 50, the player might actually find it easier to just run around in circles around the arena and let the partner characters do the work. Although he may hit you from time to time, a couple dimates should almost certainly ensure your safety.


Mission Monster Lv
Gemaga - War of the Keep 50 ~ 180
Maximum Attack Cross IV -- -- 120 195

Drop data

LV Common drops Hunters Rangers Forces Vanguards Missions
1-9  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? --
10-29  ?  ?  ?  ? --
30-49  ?  ?  ?  ? --
50-74  ?  ?  ?  ? --
75-99  ?  ?  ?  ? --
100-124  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? --
125-149  ?  ?  ?  ? --
150-174  ?  ?  ?  ? --
175-200  ?  ?  ?  ? --