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A race genetically engineered for Moatoob's harsher climes. Physically strong, they prefer clos-quarter combat. Special Ability: Nano giant beast transformation at Level 10+. [2]



A race of genetically engineered to survive in the harsh climate and working conditions of the mines on Moatoob. They are said to have strong senses of family and loyalty and can be distrustful of other races. On average, their physical abilities are significantly greater than other races, and they are born with the ability to nanoblast, a technique by which they transform into a larger, more physically powerful form.

Race Status

BEASTS have been completely rebalanced. They now are pretty much on par with humans as far as teching goes (female beasts shares human male PP/PP regen and TP), and still having the highest ATP in the game, and tied with Newmans for highest evasion. They bring the ability to melee to every class... their fatal weakness is their ATA, which often isn't a big deal if a force's debuffs are present...unless of course you're trying to gun. NOTE: Because photon blasts uses tattoos instead of a slot unit, you can compensate for stats with an extra stat enhancing unit. This really helps if you're trying to do something like gunning. 1]

Class Preference Guide

As Hunters: The most sterotypical smash everything at the risk of gameplay variety type you can get. Highest melee damage in the game, but with really bad ATA, gunning is TERRIBLE. Also without a force on the team, some weapon types will flat out miss too much to be worth it. The one combat style format stinks with melee resistant enemies, but you do so much melee damage any way you can get around it. A very 2D character, frankly I find it a bit dull. This is the most effective use of their photon blast 5/5

As Forces: These are interesting. Beasts have such high ATP that it can still be valid even as a force. Buffs and debuffs at level 30 reduces many problems with ATA with melee weapons and plays viable support. Evasion/HP/DEF all work together here to keep them alive. Teching basically becomes finishing moves and used periodically. A fun typing, but a bit complex to use...not too "forcey" really. Sadly photon blasts are not useful here at all. 3/5

As Rangers: Not as bad as you'd think, actually. You will not be able to rely heavily on guns, but they're still entirely usable. Really the ticket here is melee, using those low accuracy multi hit weapons with guns thrown in. Think cast vanguard, basically with more bullet options. Because you have level 30 bullets you can further increase your accuracy to make sure you hit for some guns. Also some weapons, like cards will be improved as the ranger class. The evasion of this class+race gives them an edge too. Interesting. Males should probably be ignored here. 2/5

As Vanguards: It's not unheard of for beast hunters to get tired of their class and switch here. Sure ATP takes a hit, but the ability to use a wider range of weapons accurately opens up. And the ATP is still in the hunter ball park really. Guns are still not worth using, but TP is decent and techs are usable here when enemies are melee resistance. Neigh invincibility later on from high evasion makes this a killing machine for the slightly more sophisticated among us. 1]

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