Desert Oasis

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Desert Oasis
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Field N/A
Mission type Trade mission
Mode availability Story mode only
Party size 1 player
Enemy elements N/A

I've set up an orphanage for children who've lost their parents to war. But there's a problem I need help with.
Mikua Tesran
Orphanage Founder

Mission details

  • This mission becomes available after clearing chapter 2 of story mode. Additional trades will be unlocked by completing story chapters, and hard mode story.
  • A wide variety of weapons and shield-weave can be obtained through this mission by exchanging various room decorations.
  • Weapon and shield-weave attribute rates are random, ranging from 0-30%. Weapons added after beating hard mode story can have attribute rates up to 50%. However item set trades added after beating hard mode story are still limited to 30%.
  • Many of the required room decorations can be obtained by completing client requests.
  • Items marked in blue can only be acquired through this mission.

Exchange list

Available from the start

Exchange items Japanese name Required items
Fluorescent Bulb ケイコウトウ Tornado Throw x1
Twin Fluorescents ツインケイコウトウ Beetle x1
Mark III マーク3 Mark III (room decoration) x1
Ank Bico アンク・ピッコ Stag Beetle x1
Harisen Battle Fan ハリセン PPT Shuttle x1
Twin Harisen Fans ツインハリセン Scale x1
Master System マスターシステム Master System (room decoration) x1
Dream Master ドリームマスター Dreamcatcher x1
Equipment sets
Seva Sata
Rabol Satta
Rappy Doll x1

Available after clearing chapter 6

Exchange items Japanese name Required items
Bouquet ブーケ COG Limo Shuttle x1
Twin Bouquets ツインブーケ COG Cargo Shuttle x1
Genesis メガドライブ MegaDrive x1
Nano Shark Puppets ナノノシャークマペット Koltova Transport x1
Shark Puppet シャークパペット Endrum PPT Shuttle x1
Pumpkinhead パンプキン・ヘッド Landeel A x1
Landeel B x1
Equipment sets
Rabol Patte
Pannon Doll x1
Gur Neda
Rabol Neda
Lunga Doll x1

Available after clearing chapter 10

Exchange items Japanese name Required items
Nagesen ナゲセン PPT Shuttle x1
Sega Saturn セガサターン SegaSaturn x1
Goof Swatter 芸の道 Military PPT Shuttle x1
Lollipop ロリポップ Gumball Machine x1
Dreamcast ドリームキャスト Dreamcast (room decoration) x1
Line shields and units
Sweet Weave スウィーツライン G Flyer (Blue) x1
Ascension Gift アセンション・ギフト A-Photon Reactor x1
Equipment sets
Vish Tien
Rabol Tien
Kakwane Doll x1
Cubo Dunga
Rabol Dunga
Speed Fly Gizmo x1
Rabol Rad
Sinow Beat Kit Model x1
Gudda Gant
Rabol Gant
Sinow Gold Kit Model x1

Available after clearing story mode on hard

Weapons available on their own after clearing story mode on hard can have attributes up to 50%, but weapons that are part of sets are still restricted to 30%.

Exchange items Japanese name Required items
Song for Death ソングフォーデス Happy Candle x1
Floader x1
Twin Distortion ツインディストーション Birthday Candle x1
Bruce's Cargo x1
Elecdistortion エレクディストーション Airboard x1
Striker x1
Robopitch Grenade ロボピッチグレネード Sega Logo Light x1
Maiden's Ship x1
Equipment sets
Gur Asted
Rabol Asted
Linear Line x1
Ank Buti
Rabol Buti
Okiku Doll x1
G Flyer (Orange) x1