Kasch Tribesman

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Kasch Tribesman
Kasch Tribesman.jpg
JP name カーシュ族の少年
Enemy type Humanoid
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Fire icon.gifLightning icon.gif, changes
at special?



Mission Monster Lv
The Kasch Test Ancient Grove -- 50 100 --


  • Spear Butt(Ground Style) - Kasch Tribesman can use the back end of his spear to blunt players, causing knockback and dealing moderate damage.
  • Tribal Spear Attack(Ground Style) - Kasch Tribesman can use his spear to lunge at players, usually causing knockback and dealing high damage.
  • Diga(Ground Style) - Kasch Tribesman can cast Diga.
  • Elemental Shift - Kasch Tribesman can change his element in the middle of battle, switching between Fire and Ground.
  • Spinning Fire Dance(Fire Style) - After peircing the ground with his spear, Kasch Tribesman can spin around in a repeated circle towards players. Causes knockback and deals moderatly high damage. Also inflicts Burn.
  • Melee Spear(Fire Style) - Kasch Tribesman can use is spear to attack at players, while quickly alternating between slow heavy attacks and quick distacing attacks.
  • Mirage Blast (Fire Style) - Kasch Tribesman can use the Fire Mirage Blast on players. Deals heavy damage and inflicts Burn.


The Kasch Tribesmans' attacks are usually quick and EXTREMLY disruptive. Using Ranged\Technics can be useful, but only during his Ground Mode. While in his Ground Mode, his attacks are mostly slow, but very direct. Take caution when approching! They also deals fairly high damage. Using evade will prove to be very useful. Blocking works, but is risky. Even while in Ground Mode, some of his attacks can still catch you off-guard. Using traps will be difficult, as he move a lot. Start a high chain at around 25+, then break it with a fast acting weapon (Daggers, Machineguns, and Tech-mags are good) with a hard-hitting PA or Technic. When he switches to Fire Mode, his attacks switch to area effect attacks. These attack are less painful, but are even faster than the Ground attacks. Stay prepared to block, and use a weapon that doesnt need a high chain to hit hard (Axes, Swords, Laser Cannons, Shotguns, and Rods are good). Build a chain at about 10 and use a powerful PA or Technic to break the chain.

Drop data

LV Common drops Hunters Rangers Forces Vanguards Missions
1-9  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? --
10-29  ?  ?  ?  ? --
30-49  ?  ?  ?  ? --
50-74  ?  ?  ?  ? --
75-99  ?  ?  ?  ? --
100-124  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? --
125-149  ?  ?  ?  ? --
150-174  ?  ?  ?  ? --
175-200  ?  ?  ?  ? --