Long-Range Shot

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These handgun bullets increase range.
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Item details

  • The Japanese name of this bullet is ロングレンジショット.
  • Shop availability of this bullet is as follows:
    • English version: Unknown.
    • Japanese version: Unknown.

Item data

LV tier Target
ATK ACC Range PP cost Hit effect
LV1-10 0 100% 81-90% 120% 11 Minor flinch
LV11-20 0 100% 91-100% 125% 11 Minor flinch
LV21-30 0 101-110% 100% 130% 11 Minor flinch
Shop information
Shop location Weapon Shop
Base buy price 120 per LV
Base sell price Unknown
Drop information
Source Level HU RA FO VA Ver. Rgn.