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When you receive a Partner Card from a character in story mode, you can then invite that character to join your party and undertake missions with you. Each partner character has its own lines in combat, and its own combat style, however partner characters do have special behaviors. Like such:

  • will recover after a certain amount of time after becoming incapacitated.
  • cannot pick up items or meseta.
  • can randomly give you items as a reward for completing mission. View the Partnership ratings page for more details.
  • will change levels to reflect the level of your character (after being removed from the party and re-invited.)


Quick Orders

You can give 'Quick Orders' to you Partners to change the way they are acting/fighting during a mission, though it may not be as effective as you think.


  • Partners will act on their own


  • Partners will use melee attacks


  • Partners will use ranged atacks


  • Partners will heal themselves when their HP is low. Warning : Just because your HP is low does not mean they will heal you.


  • Partners will group up with you

Blast Charge

  • Partners hold off using their Mirage Blast/SUV Weapon/Nanoblast, even when fully charged and in a sticky situation.

Blast Release

  • Partners use Mirage Blast/SUV weapon/Nanoblast if able to use.

List of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Character Cards / Information

Character Race Gender Type Level
relative to player
Obtain Partner Card Condition Card Comment Special Notes
Synth Cast M/F Varies  ? Created at the start of the game. Please use this card when I can be of service!
Emilia Percival Human F Vanguard = Obtained after completing Chapter 1 and entering your ship for the first time. Call me when you head out on a job or you'll be sorry!
Tonnio Rhima Beast M Hunter +5 Obtained during Chapter 3 We gotta watch out for each other, right?
Liina Rhima Beast F Vanguard +5 If you get in trouble, just call. We'll be there!
Yut Jun Yunkers Newman M Hunter = Obtained during Chapter 4 Anytime you need me, I'm there! Gotta keep training! He can't use the same skills when you fight him as an enemy.
Lumia Waber Human F Force +5 Obtained during Chapter 6 Lumia Waber of the Guardians, ready to serve.
Maya Shidow Newman F Force +5 Obtained during Chapter 7 Let me know if you need help with your equipment!
Kraz Muehler Beast M Ranger +5 Obtained during Chapter 8 Call me if you get in a jam. I gotta flex some muscle too.
Ursula Laurent Newman F Force +3 Obtained after the introduction in Chapter 9. If you need another Little Wing, I'll be there.
Chelsea Cast F Ranger +3 Allo! I am always ready to do anything for Little Wing!
Shizuru Shu Human M Vanguard +5 Complete the game with the Best Ending. I can't undo what I've done, but I can try to make amends. He cannot use the same skills he has when you fight him as an enemy
Vivienne Cast F Hunter +3 Complete Wayfarer in White with any grade. If you are inn need of help, call and I will come.
Lou Cast F Ranger +5 Complete Crimson Warrior with S grade. Please contact me if my services are required.
Renvolt Magashi Cast M Hunter +5 Don't bother me and we should get along just fine. He cannot use the same skills he has when you fight him as an enemy.
Ethan Waber Human M Hunter +5 Complete Heroes' Ronde with any grade. Gimme a call if you want to go save the world together!
Karen Erra Newman F Hunter +5 I may not be around much.
White Cat Feline F? Hunter = Complete Toro and Kuro's PS Adventure Diary with any grade. If you're going somewhere new, I'm the purrfect partner. DLC only.
Black Cat Feline M? Hunter = Call me anytime! I always paws for fun!

(Note: Due to extra content/characters that might be added via future downloadable content missions, this list might expand further.)