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Originally found by funkyskunk of PSO-World, it is in fact possible to play Japanese download missions on a US or EU copy of PSP2! To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Download the PSP2 download missions file (PSU2DOWN.DAT) from here -
  2. On your PSP's memory stick, create a folder in the PSP/SAVEDATA directory, the name you give this folder depends on the region of your version of PSP2:
    1. For the North American version, the folder should be named ULUS10529DL
    2. For the European version, the folder should be named ULES01439DL
  3. Put the PSU2DOWN.DAT file into the folder that has been created.
  4. Load up PSP2 and the missions should appear when you play!

There do not appear to be many major bugs or glitches with the download missions, but it should be pointed out that you use this at your own risk. Also, it is a good idea to keep a backup of you most recent save data.


Frequently asked questions

Are the DL missions translated?

Nope. Any mission-specific text will remain in Japanese. Any text elements that are stored on the disc - this includes enemy/item names, UI text, and reusable text elements such as 'Begin challenge' or 'Waiting for all players' - will however appear in English.

Will the DL missions be translated?

SEGA have no answer on the issue, and while it is possible to extract and alter the Japanese text of the missions for a fan translation, rebuilding the file will likely require SEGA's assistance, making the prospect doubtful.

Why did it change all my trade/tactical/challenge missions into Japanese?

Unknown, but it's possible that the DL file overwrites the standard counter data found on the disc, causing even missions that exist on the disc to appear with their Japanese names and descriptions in the counter. Upon selecting and starting the affected missions, they will function normally, in the original language of your copy, if they are not download missions.

It appears that story, open and battle missions are not affected by this, probably because there are no download missions in these categories.

See below for a list of missions and their names.

Can I play these online?

Yes, so long as everyone in your party is using the file.

What happened to The Kasch Test?

The Kasch Test is a mission that did not exist on the Japanese disc, it was in fact a download mission added as part of the Famitsu Maximum Attack event their version of PSP2 had. Because the DL mission file may overwrite existing counter data used by the game, it seems likely that the game no longer recognizes the existence of The Kasch Test when the download file is used.

The upshot of this is that the Famitsu Maximum Attack mission is virtually identical to The Kasch Test, albeit in Japanese. If you wish to play The Kasch Test in English, you can simply rename the PSU2DOWN.DAT file or folder so that the game will not find it.

Mission name translations and basic summary

Missions whose names appear in bold are download missions and they will not be translated.

Story mode

Tactical Missions -> Parum

This is a small text-heavy mission where you follow Toro and Kuro, mascots of Sony in Japan, and when you complete it you can get their partner cards. In English-language versions, the cats are dummied out and appear as GH 490 models with the names White Cat and Black Cat. Any items they give out as partner character rewards for clearing missions may also be dummied out.

Tactical Missions -> Clad 6 -> サイドストーリー (Side Story)

Tactical Missions -> Clad 6

Gemaga is the infamous side-scrolling Streets of Rage homage. Cool mission, do give it a try. Includes a fun cargo destroying minigame that should be familiar to fighting fans. Enemies scale in level and this is one of the few ways to access level 175+ enemies in story mode.

Trade Missions

DL Trade missions are probably going to be tricky to navigate unless you have knowledge of Japanese. If anyone out there can read Japanese and can produce a guide, go for it. Please note that the original translation for "exchange" was "trade post." The Max Special Exchange is called Max Event Reward Exchange in literal translation.

Multiplayer modes

Tactical Missions -> Clad 6

Fanta Quiz Battle is going to be difficult to play if you don't know Japanese, it's not really worth it though. Items obtained through this mission may be dummied out. Fiery Onslaught is basically an open mission, despite being in the tactical section. It's a short romp through PSO Forest followed by a Dragon boss fight. Comes in C-S, S has Lv135 enemies. Famitsu Maximum Attack replaces The Kasch Test and is practically the same mission anyway. JUMP - Descent of the Wicked King takes place in PSO Mines and Ruins and involves you protecting the Naura Cake Sisters. Ends with a boss fight against Orga Dyran. Maximum Attack X are a series of event missions. Phantasmal Requiem is similar in format to White Concert and requires tickets in a similar manner.

Challenge Missions -> チャレンジ (Challenge)

  • ステージ <number> - should be obvious, ステージ1 is Stage 1 etc.

These are just the challenge missions on the disc.

Challenge Missions -> リトルウィンググランプリ (Little Wing Grand Prix)

  • 3 stages, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, which one is which is readily apparent without knowledge of Japanese as the ordinal is displayed in the roman alphabet.

Download missions. A set of three challenge missions released in Japan, I believe they were first used in a special Japanese event. They reward various novelty items.

Challenge Missions -> チャレンジII (Challenge II)

  • Same as regular challenge, stage numbers displayed in roman script so can be read by non-Japanese speakers.

Download missions. Similar to Challenge 1 but with more stringent challenges - think invisible enemies and a stage where only shields are allowed! Also rewards novelty items from the item design content Japan had.