Rabol Rolei

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A line shield that offers an absolute defense, but its curse drains stamina from the wearer.
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Item details

  • The Japanese name of this shield-weave is ラボル・ロレイ.
  • This line shield boosts ATP, ATA and TP by 30.

Item data

Shield-weave stats
Line shield
Rarity 12★ Mfr. TENORA WORKS
DEF 323 EVA 202 MND 272
STA -8 Req. LV90 Slots 4
Shop information
Shop location Not for sale
Base buy price Not for sale
Base sell price Unknown
Drop information
Source Level HU RA FO VA Ver. Rgn.
Stolen Weapon S HU RA FO VA Phantasy Star Portable 2 English version Japanese version