Stage 2-1

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Zeke's Notes:

Starting Lv is 50

Hunter's start off with the following:

Hanzo (Neutral) / Double Saber (Neutral) / Jitseen (Neutral) / Psychic Shield (Neutral)

Walker Weave (Neutral) w/ Night Embrace (Speeds up attacks for a short period of time)

5 Monomate 3 Dimate 1 Trimate 5 Sol Atomizer 3 Star Atomizer 1 Scape 3 Burn Trap

Stage 1:

General: - For Hunters, fight with Double Sabers with Tornado Dance and before the boss. If you find Knuckles or Spears during your run, use them. However, for the boss fights, have at least 1 Hunter wield a Sword and use Spinning Break.

- Avoid using Forces in ANY stages of Challenge II. They are not meant for any of the stages in Challenge II because they are not built for killing things fast with their mediocre setups.

- For Rangers, use a rifle. unequip the power bullets for PP efficiency. There should be no more than 1 Ranger in your team.

- For Vanguards, help the Rangers/other Vanguards with chaining. If you find a Twin Claw, use this instead and help Hunters with the killing.

Block 1: - After jumping the series of catapults and standing on the switches to summon the enemies, if you see a Danoamaz spawn, reset. The spawns will be horrible to deal with.

- After beating the enemies, the key to unlock the gate fence will appear and there will be 2 catapults. Take the left catapult.

- In the area after taking the left catapult, there will be a locked door on the northeast corner. There should be a cherry blossom tree that can be shot down nearby. Use first-person view to see it. Shoot it down with a ranged weapon (there's a handgun in one of the boxes nearby) and a key will appear.

- After killing all the enemies here, do not pick up the key that spawns. If the key that spawns is used to open the gate fence on the northwest, the northeast gate shortcut will not be accessible anymore. Instead, move towards the northeast door, look up using first person view to see a red switch and shoot it down to summon the 2nd key required to open the northeast door.

Block 2: - If you see any red or white aura Rappy Guggs, reset. They take a long time to kill.

- On the area with the 3 revolving targets, have a person with a ranged weapon shoot the one on the left. This will spawn a catapult to the left that will lead you to the next area.

- After jumping the left catapult, kill all enemies. A catapult will spawn that leads to a key to open the door to the final boss. Only have 1 person get the key while to others stay to kill the enemies that immediately spawn after the key has been acquired to save time.

- Use up any traps you have remaining to kill enemies. They are useless against the bosses.

Block 3: - The bosses will be Azn'gom Gijn'gom. Have the Ranger and/or Vanguard build chains. Their head (eye part) takes a ton of damage. If you have Hunters, make sure one of them has a Sword with Spinning Break to break chains.

- The green one is extremely vulnerable against melee attacks and resistant to ranged attacks. The red one is extremely vulnerable against ranged attacks and resistant to melee attacks. Attack appropriately.

(All information starting from "Stage 1" to "Attack appropriately" was done by CeruleanGamer of Gamefaqs. All information prior to "Stage 1" is credit to Uphail of Gamefaqs.)