Stage 3

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Initial Equipment

Hunter Ranger Force Vanguard
Weapons Brand 16% Ice icon.gif
Soul Shield 5% Ice icon.gif
Brand 16% Ice icon.gif
Powergun Neutral icon.gif
Powergun Neutral icon.gif
Staff Neutral icon.gif
Brand 16% Ice icon.gif
Gipit Neutral icon.gif
Shields Brand Weave Neutral icon.gif
Recovery Items Monomate x5
Dimate x5
Sol Atomizer x5
Star Atomizer x1
Scape Doll
Traps Burn Trap x5 Freeze Trap x5
Photon Arts Grand Crusher Lv15
Tornado Break Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Rising Strike Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Power Shoot Lv10
Rikisei-sou Lv10
Power Shot Lv10
Foie / Barta / Zonde / Diga Lv15
Rafoie / Rabarta Lv10
Shifta Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde Lv15
Jellen / Zalure Lv15
Blast Gauge --

Mission Notes


  • The Brand set that Hunters, Rangers, and Vanguards start with is very strong. The bonus will also apply to handguns in the left hand. Use careful judgement on what constitutes an upgrade.
  • Unequip power bullets for pp efficiency.

Block 1

  • To pass the gates, Player 1 stands on the first switch, Player 2 advances to the next switch of the same color, Player 1 advances to the next switch of the new color and repeat.
  • After taking the warp at the end there will be a 2-4 switch room, all of your party must stand on them to proceed.
  • After doing so, the switch that opens will activate the door to the next block for a short time, you can ignore the enemy spawns.
    • If someone doesn't make it before it closes, there is a switch on the inner side of the door to open it back up.

Block 2

  • Go left at the intersection, one person takes the warp, another activates the switches in order Yellow > Green > Red to obtain the key, then Red > Green > Yellow so he can return.
    • It is not necessary to kill the spawns in this room.
    • If you have a 3-4 person party, only 2 need to get the key, the remainder can wait at the gate to the right of the intersection to save time.
  • Kagajibari will frequently switch to using technics of the element he was last hit with, to avoid being hit with Gi-techs, use neutral, light, or dark weapons.

Block 3

  • Straightfoward

Block 4

  • The gun turrets will fire if you enter the pink area on your minimap.
  • In the final room you will need to step on switches to lower fences for someone to get the key.
  • Using the key will lower all the fences, shooting the mine that appears will defeat all the enemies in the room.
    • In a 3-4 person party, a second can go on the key route and wait at the door, when the key is obtained he can immediately use it so the switch members can advance faster.


  • Multiple spawns of 2-4 Sinow Gold, Sinow Beat, Sinow Hidoki
  • The evasion of the Sinow Gold is high, defeat the other enemies first.
  • A ranger with a handgun can keep the Sinow Gold focused on him while the others attack from behind to negate his evasion.