Stage 4

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Initial Equipment

Hunter Ranger Force Vanguard
Weapons Breaker 18% Dark icon.gif
Buster 18% Dark icon.gif
Brave Shield 5% (lightning)
Buster 18% Dark icon.gif
Blaster 10% Ground icon.gif
Autogun Neutral icon.gif
Autogun Neutral icon.gif
Luciel Neutral icon.gif
Baton Neutral icon.gif
Twin Stinger 15% Dark icon.gif
Buster 18% Dark icon.gif
Gipit Neutral icon.gif
Shields Buster Weave Neutral icon.gif
Recovery Items Monomate x7
Dimate x5
Sol Atomizer x7
Star Atomizer x1
Scape Doll
Traps Burn Trap x5 Freeze Trap x5
Photon Arts Grand Crusher Lv15
Tornado Break Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Hishou Jinren-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Rising Strike Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Power Shoot Lv15
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Power Bullet Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde / Diga Lv15
Rafoie / Rabarta / Razonde / Radiga Lv10
Shifta Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Hishou Jinren-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde Lv15
Radiga Lv15
Jellen / Zalure Lv15
Blast Gauge --

Mission Notes


  • Gift switches make their debut, to utilize them you will need to drop the asked quantity of weapons or shield weaves on the switch.
  • If necessary due to poor drops, Hunters offer Forces your shield for the boss so that they can guard.
  • Unequip power bullets for pp efficiency.
  • The twin handguns are very effective, pass to a ranger as soon as possible.

Block 1

  • Ignore the first gift switch
  • The second gift switch asks for two weapons and will allow you to skip a potentially large series of spawns, sacrifice some starting weapons to save time.

Block 2

  • The gift switch asks for two shield weaves, sacrifice the starting ones if necessary to save time.
  • There are underground traps, attack them to free party members quickly. These can be spotted with goggles.

Block 3

  • Going West at the intersection will lead to a room with a shield weave and armor module. The enemy in the room can be ignored. This can be skipped entirely if desired.
    • If possible split the party and send the minimum amount of people necessary to get extra shields so that your party will have four total.
  • In the room with multiple rotating fences, there will be switches in the Northwest and Southwest corners, these must be pushed simultaneously to open the fence.
  • After defeating the enemies in the final room, two gift switches will spawn. You will need to offer either four weapons or four shields to advance to the next block.
    • The four shields route is shorter.
    • After the door is opened, it's possible for one person to wait in the door and keep it open while another takes all the items back.

Block 4

  • Here be Nanodragons, the laser attack is strong, avoiding it is a priority.
  • The rooms will be dark until the rotating switch is shot properly.