Stage 7

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Initial Equipment

Hunter Ranger Force Vanguard
Weapons Claymore 23% Fire icon.gif
Pallasch 22% Fire icon.gif
Brave Shield 5% Lightning icon.gif
Buster 18% Dark icon.gif
Shooter 10% Light icon.gif
Lockgun Neutral icon.gif
Autogun Neutral icon.gif
Strega Neutral icon.gif
Scepter Neutral icon.gif
Twin Sucker 18% Fire icon.gif
Buster 18% Dark icon.gif
Rapit Neutral icon.gif
Shields Assino-senba Neutral icon.gif
Dark Embrace (Human) / Light Haven (Newman) / Paradi Cataract (Cast)
Recovery Items Monomate x8
Dimate x8
Sol Atomizer x8
Star Atomizer x3
Scape Doll
Traps Burn Trap x5 Freeze Trap x5
Photon Arts Grand Crusher Lv15
Tornado Break Lv15
Assault Crush Lv15
Blade Destruction Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Hishou Jinren-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Gravity Strike Lv15
Rising Strike Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Power Shoot Lv15
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Boma Powga Lv15
Power Bullet Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde / Diga Lv15
Rafoie / Rabarta / Razonde / Radiga Lv10
Shifta / Deband / Resta / Giresta Lv15
Assault Crush Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Hishou Jinren-zan Lv15
Gravity Strike Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde / Diga Lv15
Jellen / Zalure / Giresta Lv15

Mission Notes


  • For the sake of etiquette, do not attempt this mission if your grasp of the Orga Angelus fight is weak, this is a poor venue for learning the battle.
  • Rangers should pass spare shooting weapons to any party member in need before the boss fight.
  • Unequip power bullets to improve pp efficiency.
  • If aiming for a serious time, restart the mission if Danoamaz appears. There are patterns where none will spawn, and as it's block 1, little progress of value is lost.

Block 1

  • There is a optional side room to the right after clearing the first room, the majority of the contents are medicine, skip to save time.
  • There are 4 warps in the final room that lead to segregated rooms in block 2, split up and communicate ahead of time who is taking which warp.
    • If the party is not full, there will be a warp in block 2 that returns you here to finish the remaining rooms.

Block 2

  • The boxes near the end contain shield-weaves, gather these and drop them at the start of block 3.

Block 3

  • The path diverges here, keys from the left and right routes must be obtained to advance to block 4. Split the party, the right team takes the protectors from block 2.
  • The team going left must have some form of shooting weapon, there will be a basic handgun in a box here if needed.

Block 3 Left

  • Gun turrets appear as the boxes break. Refrain from breaking them until the enemies are defeated.
  • A moving trap will come towards you in the hall, and there will be a fence blocking you. Hug the wall so the trap passes by and shoot the rotating switch to drop the fence.
  • At the intersection, left leads to Delbiter, right to Kakwane. Pick the one you can kill faster and advance.
  • The East wall in the key room is fake, you can get a scape doll here if necessary. Take the warp to return to the start of block 3 after getting the key.
    • If you're confident you can drop your scape doll for another member before entering this route and replenish yours at the end.

Block 3 Right

  • There is a gift switch that requires four shield-weaves, use it to skip the following trap.
  • A moving trap will move in a figure eight pattern through the halls, hug the walls when it's near and defeat the enemy to advance. The trap can damage the enemy as well.
  • The final room is a series of spike traps. There will be safe spots, so look ahead accordingly. Take the key at the end and take the warp to return to the start of block 3.

Block 4

  • Dark room battle against three Zashrogan. Be quick to cure party members of freeze status.