Strong Anchor King

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Japanese version only
This article pertains to a weapon which is exclusive to the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Strong Anchor King

(Description unknown.)
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Item details

  • The Japanese name of this weapon is 剛剣アンカーキング.
  • This sword was released as a cross-promotion with Weekly Shonen Jump. The December 14, 2009 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and the December 19, 2009 issue of V Jump included tickets which could be brought to SEGA's booth at Jump Festa 2010 to be exchanged for cards with special codes to be used to obtain this weapon. The code on each card could then be used at the PlayStation Store to download the item for free.
  • Capable of hitting one additional target.
  • This weapon comes with a fixed 50% Fire icon.gif attribute.

Item data

Weapon stats
Mfr. Kubara product Ver. Phantasy Star Portable 2 Sp. effect Stun LV1
Rar. 6★ Req. LV20 Category bonuses
ATK 380 PP 100% ATK -- DEF +30 ACC -- EVA --
ACC 160 PA 110% TEC -- MND +30 STA -- LCK --
Shop information
Shop location Not for sale
Base buy price Not for sale
Base sell price Unknown
Weapon upgrade data (JP ver. only)
Grind 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK 388 396 404 412 420 428 436 444 452 460
Price 1600 1760 1920 2080 2240 2400 2560 2720 2880 3040
Drop information
Source Level HU RA FO VA Ver. Rgn.
No known drop sources.

Extend data

Optional special effects
Incr. Max. Incr. Max. Burn Freeze Stun Confusion Sleep Virus Incapacitation Drain
+380 840 +130 290 LV80 10★ LV1 -- -- -- LV1 -- -- LV1

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