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There is a total of 250 titles.


Boss Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
De Ragan Slayer Defeated five De Ragans. Giga / Power
Zoal Goug Slayer Defeated five Zoal Gougs. Gi / Force
Bil De Golus Slayer Defeated five Bil De Goluses. Giga / Stamina
De Ragnus Slayer Defeated five De Ragnuses. Solid / Power
Alteraz Slayer Defeated five Alterazgougs. Sori / Force
Onmagoug Slayer Defeated five Onmagougs. Giga / Legs
Dimmagolus Slayer Defeated five Dimmagoluses. Solid / Legs
De Rol Le Slayer Defeated five De Rol Les. Solid / Stamina
Adahna Slayer Defeated five Adahna Degahnas. Gi / Mind
Maggahna Slayer Defeated five Magas Maggahnas. Sori / Mind
Fakis 1st Slayer Defeated five Dulk Fakis 1st Forms. Giga / Guard
Fakis 2nd Slayer Defeated five Dulk Fakis 2nd Forms. Solid / Guard
Mother Brain Slayer Defeated five Mother Brains. Confuse Resist
Falz 1st Slayer Defeated five Dark Falz 1st Forms. Virus Resist
Falz 2nd Slayer Defeated five Dark Falz 2nd Forms. Ice Resist
Reol Badia Slayer Defeated five Reol Badias. Giga / Hit
Duga Dunga Slayer Defeated five Duga Dungas. Solid / Hit
Dual 'Ntar Slayer Defeated five Faz'ntar Seg'ntar pairs. Shock Resist
N'gom Slayer Defeated five Azn'gom Gijn'gom pairs. Poison Resist
Dragon Slayer Defeated five Dragons. Burn Resist
Orga Dyran Slayer Defeated five Orga Dyrans. Sleep Resist
Spritos Slayer Defeated five Orga Spritoses. Stun Resist
Dol Vaveer Slayer Defeated five Dol Vaveers. Anti Up
Angelus Slayer Defeated five Orga Angeluses. Anti Down

Enemy Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Lucky Lad Defeated a Rappy. 10x Photon Sphere
Lucky Lass Defeated a Sinow Gold. 10x Photon Sphere
The Beautiful Defeated a Nar Lily. 10x Photon Sphere
Shark Hunter Defeated a Guil Shark. Shark Puppet Neutral icon.gif
Wings of Fortune Defeated a Mini Rappy. Mini Rappy Brothers
Exultant Defeated a Jaggo. Jaggo Ice Sculpture
Iron Fist Defeated a Darbelan. 10x Photon Sphere
Super Rookie Defeated 500 creatures. Accordion Whip Light icon.gif 25%
Super Ace Defeated 2,500 creatures. Last Survivor Replica Neutral icon.gif
Super Hero Defeated 5,000 creatures. Magic Focus Lightning icon.gif 31%
Super Elite Defeated 10,000 creatures. Kokuintou Houzuki Neutral icon.gif
Super Slayer Defeated 25,000 creatures. Skull Sorcerer Dark icon.gif 31%
Xenobiologist Defeated 85% of all creatures. Sorcerer Gear

NPC Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Emilia's BFF Became friends with Emilia. Emilia Portrait
Yut's Mentor Became friends with Yut. Yut Portrait
Kraz's Right Hand Became friends with Kraz. Kraz Portrait
Ursula's Sidearm Became friends with Ursula. Ursula Portrait
Chelsea's Wallet Became friends with Chelsea. Chelsea Portrait
Shizuru's Refuge Became friends with Shizuru. Shizuru Portrait
Lumia's New Partner Became friends with Lumia. Lumia Portrait 2
Ethan's Heir Apparent Became friends with Ethan. Ethan Portrait 3
Karen's Consultant Became friends with Karen. Karen Portrait 2
Lou's Coprocessor Became friends with Lou. Lou Portrait 2
Maya's Tastetester Became friends with Maya. Maya Portrait 2
Tonnio's Wingman Became friends with Tonnio. Tonnio Portrait 2
Liina's Babysitter Became friends with Liina. Liina Portrait 2
Vivienne's Beloved Became friends with Vivienne. Vivienne Portrait
Magashi's New Rival Recognized as a rival by Magashi. Magashi Portrait 2
Breaker of Boundaries Became friends with a MySynth. MS Device GH500
Synthesizer Customized a MySynth. Other Future

Story Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Agent Began Chapter 2. Scape Doll
Mercenary Began Chapter 3. 10x Weapons Badge: Iron
Hotshot Began Chapter 4. Kakwane Doll
Scavenger Began Chapter 5. 10x Heart Key Spellstone
Scout Began Chapter 6. 10x Iritista Spellstone
Seeker Began Chapter 7. 10x Blood Moon Sp.stone
Confidant Began Chapter 8. 10x Phantomite Sp.stone
Maestro Began Chapter 9. 10x Weap. Badge: Bronze
Virtuoso Began Chapter 10. 10x Photon Crystal
Champion Reached the final chapter. Mika Portrait
Hero of the Hour Completed the normal ending. Darkness Wing
Hero of the Day Completed the good ending. Whitill Wing
Hero of the People Completed the best ending. Crimson Wing

Completion Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Opportunist Completed 5 open missions. Sylpheed Neutral icon.gif
Beacon of Hope Completed 25 open missions. Big Fisher Light icon.gif 21%
VIP Material Completed 50 open missions. Din De Bel Neutral icon.gif
Ace in the Hole Completed 100 open missions. Sacred Dusters Ice icon.gif 33%
Hammer of Gurhal Completed 200 open missions. Morning Glory Ground icon.gif 21%
Beginner Reached Level 3. Resta Lv1
Rookie Reached Level 10. Green Green Weave Neutral icon.gif
Hopeful Reached Level 20. 10x Photon Drop
Leader Reached Level 30. 10x Photon Crystal
Chief Reached Level 40. 10x PA Fragment
Elite Reached Level 50. 10x PA Fragment
Ace Reached Level 60. 10x PA Fragment
Veteran Reached Level 70. 10x PA Fragment
Prince Reached Level 80. 10x PA Fragment
King Reached Level 90. 10x PA Fragment
Master Reached Level 100. 10x PA Fragment
Captain Reached Level 120. 10x PA Fragment
Hero Reached Level 140. 10x PA Fragment
Luminary Reached Level 160. 10x PA Fragment
Overlord Reached Level 180. 10x PA Fragment
Legend Reached Level 200. Photon Field
Angry Warrior Reached Hunter Level 10. 50x Photon Drop
Whirling Dervish Reached Hunter Level 20. 50x Photon Crystal
Destroyer of Worlds Reached Hunter Level 30. 50x Photon Sphere
Silent Assassin Reached Ranger Level 10. 50x Photon Drop
Demonic Sniper Reached Ranger Level 20. 50x Photon Crystal
Nuclear Warhead Reached Ranger Level 30. 50x Photon Sphere
Shining Cleric Reached Force Level 10. 50x Photon Drop
Envoy of the Light Reached Force Level 20. 50x Photon Crystal
Guardian of the Light Reached Force Level 30. 50x Photon Sphere
Lionheart Reached Vanguard Level 10. 50x Photon Drop
Warrior's Gale Reached Vanguard Level 20. 50x Photon Crystal
Fist of the Heavens Reached Vanguard Level 30. 50x Photon Sphere
Emerging Talent Capable of equipping 25 C-rank weap. 50x Weapons Badge: Iron
Jack-of-All-Trades Capable of equipping 20 B-rank weap. 50x Weap. Badge: Bronze
Chameleon Capable of equipping 15 A-rank weap. 50x Weap. Badge: Silver
Master of Arms Capable of equipping 10 S-rank weap. 50x Weapons Badge: Gold
Melee Master Raised five skills to Level 30. Cosmic Particle
Ranged Master Raised five bullets to Level 30. Brightness Circle
Technic Master Raised five Technics to Level 30. Flower Art
Observer of History Played over 10 hours on one char. Cosmo Fountain
Rewriter of History Played over 25 hours on one char. Grandfather Clock
Seer of Subspace Played over 50 hours on one char. Modern Clock
Walker of Worlds Played over 100 hours on one char. Cockpit Chair
Citizen of Gurhal Played over 200 hours on one char. King's Chair
Evasion Expert Dodged 50 times. Perpa / Legs
Artful Dodger Dodged 250 times. Giga / Legs
Defense Expert Defended 50 times. Hel / Mind
Steel Wall Defended 250 times. Gi / Mind
Reflex Expert Performed 50 Perfect Blocks. Hama Bracer Neutral icon.gif
Block King Performed 250 Perfect Blocks. Trinity Bash Fire icon.gif 21%
Counter Expert Performed 50 Perfect Counters. Perpa / Power
Mind's Eye Performed 250 Perfect Counters. Giga / Power
Chain Expert Achieved a 50 hit chain. Perpa / Hit
Jackhammer Achieved an 80 hit chain. Giga / Hit
Commentator Spoke 50 times. Hel / Force
Emcee Spoke 250 times. Gi / Force
Commander-in-Training Issued 50 party commands. Perpa / Rainbow
Commander-in-Chief Issued 250 party commands. Giga / Rainbow
Sacrificial Lamb Incapacitated ten times. Heavenly Ring
Crusher Dealt over 300 damage in one hit. Rappy Barrel Light icon.gif 12%
Berserker Dealt over 1,000 damage in one hit. Halva Tubola Neutral icon.gif
Demolisher Dealt over 2,500 damage in one hit. Nova Crusher Neutral icon.gif
Lord of the Hunt Earned a score of 20,000 as a hunter. Bronze Battle Trophy
Gunslinger Earned a score of 20,000 as a ranger. Bronze Battle Trophy
Force Wielder Earned a score of 20,000 as a force. Bronze Battle Trophy
Spear of the Vanguard Earned a scr of 20,000 as a vanguard. Bronze Battle Trophy

Collection Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Millionaire Held 10,000,000 meseta. Meseta Fever Lv30
Shopaholic Spent 10,000,000 meseta. Celebrity Aura
Sword Collector Collected 50% of swords. 20x PA Fragment
Knuckles Collector Collected 50% of knuckles. 20x PA Fragment
Spear Collector Collected 50% of spears. 20x PA Fragment
Double Saber Collector Collected 50% of double sabers. 20x PA Fragment
Axe Collector Collected 50% of axes. 20x PA Fragment
Twin Sabers Collector Collected 50% of twin sabers. 20x PA Fragment
Twin Daggers Collector Collected 50% of twin daggers. 20x PA Fragment
Twin Claws Collector Collected 50% of twin claws. 20x PA Fragment
Saber Collector Collected 50% of sabers. 20x PA Fragment
Dagger Collector Collected 50% of daggers. 20x PA Fragment
Claw Collector Collected 50% of claws. 20x PA Fragment
Whip Collector Collected 50% of whips. 20x PA Fragment
Slicer Collector Collected 50% of slicers. 20x PA Fragment
Rifle Collector Collected 50% of rifles. 20x PA Fragment
Shotgun Collector Collected 50% of shotguns. 20x PA Fragment
Longbow Collector Collected 50% of longbows. 20x PA Fragment
Grenade Collector Collected 50% of grenades. 20x PA Fragment
Laser Cannon Collector Collected 50% of laser cannons. 20x PA Fragment
Twin Handguns Collector Collected 50% of twin handguns. 20x PA Fragment
Handgun Collector Collected 50% of handguns. 20x PA Fragment
Crossbow Collector Collected 50% of crossbows. 20x PA Fragment
Card Collector Collected 50% of cards. 20x PA Fragment
Machine Gun Collector Collected 50% of machine guns. 20x PA Fragment
R-Mag Collector Collected 50% of R-Mags. 20x PA Fragment
Rod Collector Collected 50% of rods. 20x PA Fragment
Wand Collector Collected 50% of wands. 20x PA Fragment
Tech-Mag Collector Collected 50% of Tech-Mags. 20x PA Fragment
Shield Collector Collected 50% of shields. 20x PA Fragment
Lord of Flame Obtained 60% fire weapon and armor. Garment Aura
Lord of Frost Obtained 60% ice weapon and armor. Diamond Dust
Lord of Storms Obtained 60% lightning weap. & armor. Electro Heart
Lord of Tremors Obtained 60% earth weap. and armor. Autumn Field
Lord of Brilliance Obtained 60% light weapon and armor. Rappy Mode
Lord of the Abyss Obtained 60% dark weapon and armor. Black Heart
Customizing Maniac Upgraded weapons 100 times. Hyperwave
Great Evolver Extended a weapon. Electro Field
Rengoku Blade Obtained Rengokuto Ensa. 15x Heart Key Spellstone
Sun King Obtained Saika-Omote. 15x Iritista Spellstone
Honorary Kasch Obtained Cinep Nasur. 15x Blood Moon Sp.stone
Child Prodigy Obtained Clarita Visas II. 15x Phantomite Sp.stone
Food Fighter Obtained a roast weapon. Juicy Weave Neutral icon.gif
Artiste Collected 10 costumes. 25x Photon Drop
Trendsetter Collected 50 costumes. 25x Photon Crystal
Fashionista Collected 100 costumes. 25x Photon Sphere
Cantabile Added 5 songs to the jukebox. Dream Master Fire icon.gif 22%
Diva Added 25 songs to the jukebox. Poron Neutral icon.gif
Clad 6 Personality Collected 10 partner cards. Private Bar
Clad 6 Idol Collected 25 partner cards. Private Cafe
Clad 6 Star Collected 50 partner cards. Happy Score
Clad 6 Explorer Completed all open miss. on Clad 6. A-Photon Reactor
Parum Explorer Completed all open missions on Parum. Parum Collectible
Neudaiz Explorer Completed all open miss. on Neudaiz. Neudaiz Collectible
Moatoob Explorer Completed all open miss. on Moatoob. Moatoob Collectible
Sweet Tooth Found Naura's Confectionary. 25x Photon Crystal
Pizza Paisan Found a Pizza Shack. 25x Photon Crystal
One of Many Played in a party with other players. Based on race/gender H/N/B Male: Kakwane Suit (male clothes)
H/N/B Female: Kakwane Suit (female clothes)
Cast male: Kakwane Suit (male parts)
Cast female: Kakwane Suit (female parts)
Thread of Camaraderie Comp. 10 Multiplayer open missions. Plantain Leaf Ground icon.gif 24%
Thread of Loyalty Completed 25 Multiplayer open miss. Photon Claw Neutral icon.gif
Thread of Solidarity Completed 50 Multiplayer open miss. Neiclaw Fire icon.gif 21%
Thread of Spirit Completed 100 Multiplayer open miss. Silence Claw Ice icon.gif 41%
Thread of Friendship Completed 10 Online open missions. Samba Maracas Neutral icon.gif
Thread of Partnership Completed 25 Online open missions. Black Meteora Dark icon.gif 33%
Thread of Victory Completed 50 Online open missions. White Meteora Light icon.gif 21%
Thread of Peace Completed 100 Online open missions. Crimson Nova Fire icon.gif 18%
Civic Savior Completed 10 client requests. Master System Ground icon.gif 17%
Little Wing Savior Completed 25 client requests. Genesis Dark icon.gif 21%
Planetary Savior Completed 50 client requests. Sega Saturn Lightning icon.gif 23%
Savior of Gurhal Completed 100 client requests. Dreamcast Light icon.gif 33%
Containerbane Destroyed 1000 containers. Photon Drive
Interior Decorator Placed room decorations 10 times. Moatoob Papagayo
Interior Designer Placed room decorations 100 times. Cactachair
Engineer Remodeled your room once. Fan
Mastermind Remodeled your room ten times. Photon Gacha
Queen of Chic Changed outfits 10 times. Anyan Flower (Red)
King of Chic Changed outfits 100 times. Anyan Flower (Yel.)
Host with the Most Had visitors to your room 3 times. Scale
Party Animal Had visitors to your room 30 times. Yooga Mat
Sayo's Fan Received 5 blessings. Mimic Doll
Sayo's Friend Received 30 blessings. Sayo's Streamers Ice icon.gif 20%

Challenge Mode Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Mark of Arrival Completed 10 challenge levels. Kolbe Trophy
Mark of Glory Completed 25 challenge levels. Ignis Ice icon.gif 24%
Mark of Strength Completed 50 challenge levels. Silver Trophy
Mark of Dedication Completed 100 challenge levels. Gold Trophy
Mark of Versatility Comp. a challenge level with all types. Safety Heart
Procrastinator Failed ten challenges. Mysterious Grave
Ra-GOU Completed challenge level 1. Koltovan Suit (Blue x Gray) Based on race/gender. Colors apply only to clothes versions.

H/N/B Male: Koltovan Suit (male clothes)
H/N/B Female: Koltovan Suit (female clothes)
Cast male: Koltovan Suit (male parts)
Cast female: Koltovan Suit (female parts)
Bu-GOU Completed challenge level 2. Koltovan Suit (Yellow x Gray)
Ra-ZAN Completed challenge level 3. Koltovan Suit (Green x Gray)
Bu-ZAN Completed challenge level 4. Koltovan Suit (Orange x Black)
Ra-EI Completed challenge level 5. Koltovan Suit (Black x Black)
Gi-EI Completed challenge level 6. Koltovan Suit (Pink x Black)
Bu-EI Completed challenge level 7. Koltovan Suit (Red x Black)
True Challenger Comp. all challenges within 120 min. Hyakka Ryouran Light icon.gif 50%

Battle Mode Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Ravager Won 10 battles. Double Saber Replica Neutral icon.gif
Centurion Won 50 battles. Twin Brand Replica Ice icon.gif 21%
Gladiator Won 100 battles. Stag Cutlery Fire icon.gif 23%
Mythic Warrior Won 200 battles. Crea Doubles Neutral icon.gif
Lame Duck Lost 10 battles. Sandbag
Player Killer Defeated 100 opponents in battle. Aura Field
Conqueror Captured 100 energy poles in battle. Smoking Field
Demolition Expert Destroyed 30 bases in battle. Sacred Cross
Lord of Combat Won 3 consecutive battles. Bronze Medal
Lord of Battle Won 5 consecutive battles. Silver Medal
Lord of War Won 10 consecutive battles. Gold Medal
Benchwarmer Reached battle class D. Koltovan Suit (Blue x Gray) Based on race/gender. Colors apply only to clothes versions.

H/N/B Male: Koltovan Suit (male clothes)
H/N/B Female: Koltovan Suit (female clothes)
Cast male: Koltovan Suit (male parts)
Cast female: Koltovan Suit (female parts)
Rising Star Reached battle class C. Koltovan Suit (Purple x Gray)
Angel of the Battlefield Reached battle class B. Koltovan Suit (White x Gray)
Duelist Reached battle class A. Silver Battle Trophy
Specialist Reached battle class AA. Gold Battle Trophy
God of Battle Reached battle class AAA. Platinum Battle Trophy

Special Titles

Title Requirement Reward Notes
Veteran Guardian Imported character data. G. Colony Collectible
Weaver of History Obtained 30 titles. Based on race. H/N: Thunder Flash
C: Sturm Buster
B: Giga / Stamina
The Chosen Obtained 100 titles. Laia Axe Neutral icon.gif
The Ascendant Obtained all titles. Ten'imuso Dark icon.gif 50%