Stage 2-2

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Initial Equipment

Hunter Ranger Force Vanguard
Weapons Red Ring / Blue Ring / Orange Ring / Yellow Ring / White Ring / Purple Ring
Shields Car Weave
Recovery Items Monomate x5
Dimate x3
Trimate x1
Sol Atomizer x5
Star Atomizer x3
Scape Doll

Mission Notes


  • The gimmick of this mission is no weapons, you can only damage enemies with perfectly timed blocks.
  • Weapons can rarely drop in block 2 and block 3, but they are low rank and may not necessarily outdamage the shield blocks.

Block 1

  • The Nava Ludda Ice icon.gif can freeze you if you mess up, which has a high chance of killing you.
  • There are switches near containers. Step on the switch and guard the projectile from the now active turret to break the box for recovery items.

Block 2

  • The gift switch wants 6 weapons, from this point you won't need fire or ice damage, so sacrifice those shields if you don't get enough drops in block 1.
    • Taking the warp leads you to a switch/box/turret combo, perfect guard 6 times to break the box and get a shield weave and suv/mirage blast. The new warp will take you to the last room of the block.
  • Sinow Golds spawn in the rare version.
  • In the last room, the wall in the SW corner is fake, there's a switch/box/turret combo that can be broken for a scape doll.

Block 3

  • Combination of Svaltus or Svaltia and Polty
  • Last room is Astarks, there is no boss.