Stage 2-3

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Initial Equipment

Mission Notes


  • Unequip the power bullets for pp efficiency.
  • The gimmick of this mission is invisible enemies.
  • You must prevent the containers from being destroyed, similar to The Big Push or Chapter 4 of story.
  • Enemy hp is very low, don't chain past 1 except on Ubakurada / Sinow Hidoki.
  • There is no downtime on the fence switches, as soon as a fence drops, you can immediately reactivate it.
  • In blocks with invisible enemies, staying on the button switch will keep them visible.

Tutorial Block

  • The Polty can sometimes drop a weapon.

Block 1

  • Enemies are still visible.

Block 2

  • Invisible enemies begins now.
  • Lots of robots, careful of their explosion as they die easily.

Block 3

  • Standing on the button puts up a fence blocking the switch needed to activate the container protection.
    • Someone with ranged capability can keep the fence protection active and shoot from range, if there is no one available for that, activate the protective fence first so you have it temporarily.

Block 4

  • Warp on the North side leads to switches for each container's protective fence.

Boss is Orga Dyran