Stage 2-4

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Stage 4


  • Unequip the power bullets for PP efficiency.
  • Save your traps. They will be useful against the boss.
  • Depending if you find any spare armors or not, 3 of your party members might be forced to play Sector 3 and onward without 1.

Block 1:

  • On the first turret you encounter, have 1-2 people stand by the first gate fence. Ignore the Drua Gohra. Shoot down the switches with either the turret or a ranged weapon. The people standing by the gate fence should pick up the key and open the door.

Block 2:

  • The second turret is a lot more difficult to deal with. You need to shoot 3 targets with it while blue barricades move about to intercept your shots. Make sure you have a party member with an extremely good aim deal with this turret,
  • Kill the Bil De Vear nearby so it doesn't attack the person on the turret.
  • The gift switch requires 3 armors. If you don't have spares, you will have to drop it and play armorless for the rest of the stage.

Block 3:

  • The camera angle has been altered. It now looks at the characters from above, similar to strategy games like Warcraft III and Starcraft.

Block 4:

  • The party will be split into 2 groups. 1 group spawns on the southwest corner while the other spawns on the southeast corner. All players must run around and activate any switches in the area so they can open gates for other players.
  • The players at the southwest corner should kill the Zamvapas to spawn the key. Grab the key, ignore the other enemies and open the gate fence with the portal to go to the next area.

Block 5:

  • There are nearby boxes around with heal items before the boss fight. Step into the portal to fight the boss.

Block 6:

  • The boss is Duga Dunga. The fight is similar to Reol Badia. Aim for the legs until the boss topples over and shows its core (vulnerable spot).
  • Once it falls, keep building a chain of 8 or higher on it's vulnerable core and break it. If you have Mirage Blasts or traps, this is the best place to use them.
  • Ignore the Gohma Dillas that spawn. They do not give you anything and are there to distract your team.

All info credited to CeruleanGamer of Gamefaqs.