Stage 2

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Initial Equipment

Hunter Ranger Force Vanguard
Weapons Sword 10% Ice icon.gif Rifle 10% Ice icon.gif Rod Neutral icon.gif Saber Neutral icon.gif
Shield 5% Fire icon.gif
Shields Car Weave Neutral icon.gif
Recovery Items Monomate x5
Dimate x5
Sol Atomizer x5
Star Atomizer x1
Scape Doll
Traps Burn Trap x5 Freeze Trap x5
Photon Arts Grand Crusher Lv15
Tornado Break Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Rising Strike Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv10
Power Shoot Lv15
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv10
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde / Diga Lv15
Shifta Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Foie / Barta Lv15
Jellen / Zalure Lv15
Blast Gauge --

Mission Notes


  • Please pass a twin dagger drop to the hunter as soon as possible
  • The rangers should unequip the power bullets for pp efficiency.
  • The Brand + Brand Weave set is extremely strong, try to assemble it on the hunter towards the end.

Block 1

  • Straightforward

Block 2

  • The boxes behind the rotating barrier only contain recovery items, skip to save time.
  • The switch activates the nearby warp for a short time, this only leads to recovery items, skip to save time.
  • All the enemies after the first door and before the final spawn of 2 Gol Dova can be skipped to save time.
  • There are 2 mines in the final room, breaking these to damage nearby enemies for 50% of their life, the players will not take damage, use them to efficiently defeat the 2 Gol Dova.

Block 3

  • The rotating ring has a circle that must be shot to advance. Aiming for it at the 12 and 6 o clock marks is the easiest.
  • At the intersection, one person must go south to activate the switch to open the northern door. The switch will only be active for a short time.
  • The final room has 2 mines you can use to defeat the Grass Assassins. Go Northwest to find a healing point and the warp to next block.
    • Going east in the final room leads to another enemy encounter and some recovery item containers, skip to save time.

Block 4

  • Two rotating rings must be shot at the end to open the way to the boss warp, designate your shooters ahead of time if possible to save a few seconds.


  • The boss is Faz'ntar Seg'ntar
    • The blue one has shooting resistance, the red has striking resistance, attack appropriately.