Stage 6

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Initial Equipment

Hunter Ranger Force Vanguard
Weapons Beefslayer Rare 29% Fire icon.gif Rappy Barrel 12% Light icon.gif Beefkebob Rare Neutral icon.gif
Rapit Neutral icon.gif
Beefedge Rare 29% Light icon.gif
Brave Shield 5% Lightning icon.gif
Shields Juicy Weave Neutral icon.gif
Clod Impact (Human) / Thunder Flash (Newman) / Air Ride Cluster (Cast)
Recovery Items Monomate x7
Dimate x5
Sol Atomizer x7
Star Atomizer x1
Scape Doll
Traps Burn Trap x5 Freeze Trap x5
Photon Arts Grand Crusher Lv15
Tornado Break Lv15
Assault Crush Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Hishou Jinren-zan Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Rising Strike Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Power Shoot Lv15
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Boma Powga Lv15
Power Bullet Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Rising Strike Lv10
Rikisei-sou Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde / Diga Lv15
Rafoie / Rabarta / Razonde / Radiga Lv10
Shifta / Deband Lv15
Assault Crush Lv15
Renkai Buyou-zan Lv15
Hishou Jinren-zan Lv15
Gravity Strike Lv15
Infinite Storm Lv15
Power Shot Lv15
Foie / Barta / Zonde Lv15
Radiga Lv15
Jellen / Zalure / Giresta Lv15

Mission Notes


  • The initial equipment for Hunters and Rangers is among the poorest of all Challenge missions. How quickly (if ever) you can acquire replacements will set the pace for your run.
  • Pass the Twin Saber and the Twin Handgun to the Hunter and Ranger respectively as soon as possible.
  • Humans are particularly appreciated here as their Clod Impact can deal significant damage to Reol Badia.
  • Unequip power bullets to improve pp efficiency, this is particularly important here as the grenade bullet is a pp hog.
  • Remember to equip SUV / Mirage modules when you change shield-weaves.

Block 1

  • There are five boxes to the left, the center one will deal extreme damage at a large range if broken, Hunters and Rangers should leave them alone. Contents are recovery items.
  • There is a gift switch asking for four shields, this is a huge shortcut that leads to the final room of block 2.
    • If using this when there is a human present, make it a priority to get that player a new shield first for Clod Impact use on the boss.

Block 2

  • The first room has several mines you can take advantage of, they deal 50% damage to the enemy and won't harm player characters.
  • The second room is surrounded with damaging barriers, avoid fighting too close and causing the enemies to go inside them.
  • The third is divided into four sections with one enemy each, each party member will arrive in a different one. Defeating your mob lowers the fence so you can help the next person.
    • The first person in will face Svaltia in his section.
    • If the party is not a full four people, the enemies in the other sections will shoot you at range.
  • The final room has four sections that become segregated once all available outer switches are pressed simultaneously.
    • The person on the switch furthest from the door will face Svaltia.
    • There is a rotating damage trap in the center of the room, stepping on an inner switch will freeze its movement.

Block 3

  • Go left at the intersection.
  • Stepping on the switch causes a trap to come towards you. Rangers can quickly destroy it at range, otherwise hug a wall or quickly dodge roll into the path to the Western side room.
  • Various Blast Gauge modules are in the Western room, skip to save time.

Block 4

  • Straightforward, open your map and head towards the next block icon.
  • [Side room info goes here]

Block 5

  • Straying from the blue area on your minimap will cause the gun turrets to activate.
  • Using the SUV or Thunder Flash here is preferable.
  • The turrets target everyone in the room, take care not to waste your party member's resources because of bad judgment.
  • There are two sets of two switches before the final key. Above each set of switches is a ceiling crusher trap. Quickly run over one button then the other and roll past the newly opened gate. Repeat and get the key. The rest of the party should wait at the gate.

Block 6

  • After stepping on all available switches a trap will start moving behind you. Move the roller in front of you with strong attacks such as Diga or the Grenade Launcher.