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General Discussion

We need a strategy section for Dark Falz. Anyone got any useful tips other than, "Don't get squashed" ?? -Nilihanth

Hit it 'till it dies. Especially when he is all upside-down-like. Such as behind his shoulder when he is trying to shoot the hueg laser.
Of course, shooting him in the face about 45 degrees to his side (center angle; against the edge) should work well too. - Kagachi
Dark Falz Final (DFF) is a fairly simple boss if you play right. (I'll be basing this off my experience in running Maximum Attack Cross II.)
  • DFF always starts off by sending its tail head onto the field and the tail head will strike by going moving out of the field for a short second and quickly back onto the field. This will cause a lot of damage so I'd highly recommended you block instead of attack, make sure to face it because DFF does circle the outskirts field and you may be hit you from behind. Another reason to ignore attacking it for now is that any damage done to the tail or tail head will do very little damage.
  • DFF can move onto the field and start circling a spot, usually a player. I haven't confirmed how it damages you while doing this but I believe if your touching the spark (or something) while it's circling the spot, you'll get damage. (Since I didn't get hurt at all while attacking it when it was spinning.) Though I'm somewhat unsure.
  • When the point of view (POV) slightly changes, DFF will start hovering the field from one side to the other shooting some sort of tractor beam under it which can easily incapacitate you if your standing right under it. When it reaches the other side it will be upside-down leaving its main body/head vulnerable. While it's like this, you cause a lot of damage to it compared to hitting its tail.
  • DFF will almost always move 180 degrees after finishing it's tractor beam attack (use the map as a reference, it's a circle.) and move back to where it started when it used the attack. There have been times when it only moved 90 degrees or not move at all for me but I haven't figured out the pattern for that.
  • While upside-down, DFF has 3 different attacks, first one would be using its fang-like claws (or something) and swinging them around. Second would be it crushing whatever is in front of it with it's own body. Third is a green light, though am unsure of it's effect as it has never done anything to me.
  • There is another attack that will cause the POV for each player to change. DFF will send a meteor onto the field which will cause major damage if successfully hit. This attack can be guarded as well as perfect blocked. Mirage blast / SUV's cannot be activated during the animation the POV is changed but can be activated before the animation and if timed correctly, its incivility effect will let you avoid any damage. DFF won't use this if it's upside-down.
-You can shoot DDF head with a ranged weapon if it's off the platform/field.
-ExTraps can make this a very easy win if used while DFF is upside-down.
Feel free to correct anything. Just going off of experience. -Nyekun
The little meteors before the big one can cause stun, so equip a stun resist unit. The big meteor does a fixed 80% of max life in damage, keep hp above that if you want to live without blocking. He can change element if the fight drags on, and he can also use a divine punishment that hits most of the field, the middle is pretty much guaranteed death, not the middle is still a lot of damage so block. It also seems to bug occasionally and he'll do nothing but spam meteors, in which case just stab the tail until it dies. When he's off the field, fps mode with twins and longrange bullet is probably your best source of damage over striking the tail. -Ceresa