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Template parameters

Mission name: Enter the English mission name here. If the name is an unofficial translation, encase it in parentheses.
JP name: Enter the Japanese name of the mission here. If unknown, leave it blank.
Mission image: Enter the appropriate here to display the in-game mission image.
Planet: Enter Colony, Parum, Neudaiz or Moatoob to identify the planet the mission takes place on.
Field: Identify the field the mission takes place in.
Mission type: Identify the mission type here with one of the types listed in this article.
Mode: Identify the mode of gameplay this mission is available in. S for story mode only, M for multi-mode only or A for both story and multi-mode.
Party: Identify the number of players this mission will accept in the format 1-4 players. If a mission has a recommended number of players (for example, to obtain a higher rank or to gain access to certain areas), include a note such as (2+ recom.) after the initial player count.
Enemy elements: Using the appropriate, identify all enemy elements that appear in the mission.

Blank template

{{Mission infobox
|Mission name= 
|JP name= 
|Mission image= 
|Mission type= 
|Enemy elements= }}