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Psychowand in 5 hours or less, probably

  • Drop rate for Fo at 175+ is .150%, w/rareboost .1875%. 1/533 + 1/rateof150 = how fast can Fo or Fo+Va kill all the Komazlis in MAX1(abandon rare map, skip boss)
  • Rate is obviously less for 150, personal experience is 12/6000ish Komazli at this tier using rareboost.
  • 21 Komazli on Sakura Blast S (first spawn 1 booma, abandon otherwise), 500/20 = 25 runs.
  • Efficient run is 7 minutes, +30 seconds to restock traps, +30 seconds to abandon wrong spawn chart, +2 minutes for boosted mobs, shit play, stretching, drinking.
  • Build is Rare Item Boost, Full Charge Shot, Burst Bomber, Fire Advance, 200 Newman Force.
    • Twin Handguns, Kanon Quolia extended are best, easiest.
    • Rod, Emp Fire Psychowand obviously, until then Caduceus 30% fire from trade, extended and empowered fire. Damgrants + Foie / Rafoie + Gifoie.
    • Psychowand for buffs, preferably earth.
  • An Efficient run
    • B1: Kill Sageetas + Booma, Kill Boomas + Sageeta, Skip Uba + Sageeta, Kill Uba + Booma, Skip Sageeta, Skip Booma + Sageeta, Kill Uba + Booma
    • B2: Kill Komazli + Sageeta at range so Uba doesn't come, Kill only Komazli in side area, Skip Uba, everything else unskippable, Storm Flash the last spawn
    • B3: Abandon if first spawn is 4 Gobooma. Kill only Komazli and move on, all Gobooma are skippable, abandon mission after last Komazli in 3rd spawn.
  • Ubakrada Chain 8-9 with Damgrants, Foie x 3
  • Komazli Chain 5-6 with Twins, Full Charge Shot
  • Sageeta Foie x 2 unchained
  • Booma groups Rafoie x 2, Gifoie
  • 30 traps, use them. 3 Virus kills Komazli, 3 of the others for Boomas, preferably on the Booma+Uba spawns.
  • Infinity Version
    • Foverse on square, Gifoie on triangle, hit square, run into spawns, hit triangle at chain 1.

Drop Mechanics

  • Enemy drops are separated as "Common" and "Type" drops.
    • Common drops are shared across all types and have the same drop rate.
    • Type drops can vary across types or be shared, however the drop rates are not necessarily equal. There is frequently a bias for the most "appropriate" type to have a higher drop rate.
  • Area drops are shared amongst all enemies in that area of the mission.
  • Type ability Rare Drop Boost and Sayo's Rare Drop Boost blessing only apply to Type drops. Due to the order in which rares are checked, these can only benefit you when hunting Type drops. The boosts are detrimental when aiming for a Common drop.
  • When playing in a party, the leader's type determines the drop charts for the party.
  • There is no drop rate boost in multi-mode/internet mode.
  • Boosted mobs increase the attribute % of an item, should one drop.

The flow chart for determining what drops is as follows:

1 Enemy defeated
2 Highest level type drop
3 Highest type drop of the previous tier
4 Common drop
5 Area drop
6 Meseta
7 You lose
  • Drop tiers 1-9 and 100-124 do not reference the previous tier.
  • For example, Komazli drop chart:
LV Common drops Hunters Rangers Forces Vanguards Missions
1-9 -- Ulrod Shibakon Shibakon Shibakon --
10-29 Slyrod
30-49 Tomoirod
50-74 Souleater
75-99 Halarod
100-124 Souleater
Kazarod Okikudohg Okikudohg Okikudohg --
125-149 Psycho Wand
Psycho Wand
Psycho Wand
Psycho Wand
150-174 Psycho Wand Psycho Wand Psycho Wand Psycho Wand --
175-200 Psycho Wand Psycho Wand Psycho Wand Psycho Wand --
  • At Hunter 100-124, It checks for Kazarod first. At 125-149, Psycho Wand is checked, then Kazarod. At 150-174 and 175+, Psycho Wand is checked twice.
  • The drop tables already incorporate the actual drops, but this should clear up the merits of hunting the highest level enemy possible.

Drops influenced by type bias

  • The following are drops shared across multiple types, but with varied drop rates, the type with the easiest drop rate is listed.
    • The list is not 100% complete, differences amongst the EN-specific drops are unknown.
Drop Preferred Type Source
Zanba HU Mulnuha 100-200
Spintail Diska HU Bul Buna 100-200
Crazy Galactis HU Dilnazen 150-200
Tornado Stinger HU/VA Bysha type-Koh21 100-200
Trident Crusher HU Armed Servant - Basta 125-200
Berdysh HU Ubakurada 150-200
Absolute Blade HU Gohma Dilla 125-200
Morat Machinas HU Orcdillan 125-200
Meteor Crusher HU Guil Shark 150-200
Brandish VA Grass Assassin 150-200
T. Genuine Neiclaws VA Vanda Orga 125-200
Phantom Mist VA Rappy Igg 125-200
Twin Falclaws HU Go Vahra 125-200
Holy Elsydeon HU Lutus Jigga 150-200
Diska Cyclone VA Jarba 150-200
Genuine Neiclaw VA Lu Duggo 125-200
Falclaw VA Go Booma 125-200
Fenrir VA Pal Shark 150-200
Ouroboros FO Polty 150-200
Sigh of a God VA Sinow Hidoki 75-99
Blitz Gazer VA Sinow Hidoki 125-200
Rebellion RA Bysha type-Otsu32 125-200
Steam Burst RA Barbarous Wolf 125-200
Spread Needle RA Gainozeros 125-200
Crimson Flare FO Sageeta 125-200
Genocide Bunker RA Kog Nadd 125-200
Panzer Faust RA Bead Groode 150-200
Voltech Breath RA Delp Slami 125-200
Heavy Punisher RA Seed-Ardite 150-200
Pandora Extreme RA Sand Rappy 125-200
Peacemaker RA/VA Vegga 125-200
Milla VA Vulgatus 125-200
Guld RA Goshin 125-200
Needle Spinner RA Rogue - Jasse 125-200
Kaiser Viera RA Kudetob 150-200
Talis FO Mizura 125-200
Missouri M13 VA Poison Lily 125-200
Avenger RA Grinna Bete S 150-200
Preta FO Savage Wolf 125-200
Parda Shag FO Naval 125-200
Psycho Wand FO Komazli 125-200
Gravideon* FO/VA Chaos Sorcerer 150-200
Examination FO Darbelan 150-200
Pushan FO Bunari Kou-3 125-200
Standstill VA Walmus 125-200
Victorious VA Jigo Booma 150-200
  • Gravideon does not drop for Va at 150-174, however it has the highest drop rate at the 175 tier. Force has the second highest and has the benefit of being checked twice.