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Hello all. This is the user named Legendary. It is a cliche name but vague enough to provide assistance on this reference site. This page is dedicated towards the experience and tips of a certain player who is still playing Phantasy Star Portable 2. Hopefully this page will provide some help and useful information for those that are also seeking to sate the OCD of completion of their game.

Tips of the Trade

All collectable items such as weapon badges, spellstones, and photon parts can reach to the maximum of 999. To avoid this, there are some ways to attain more mesetas out of such parts. After beating hard mode, you can use your hard earn collectables to purchase weapon/armor sets and modules to yield the maximum profits. The Trade Missions provided without DLC are used for this instance.
- Weapon Society has the crimson set that goes for 21 Weapon Badge Gold
- Offertory has armor that can be sold for more than the networth of 5000 mesetas or 50 photon spheres
- The Bar offers modules that can be sold along with two shieldweaves for the Irista, Heartkey, and Bloodstone.

Weapon Acquisition Log

Name Mission Game Mode Class Notes
Rebellion Grove of Fanatics S S - Y+L - - Attained with Rare Drop Boost Blessing
Preta Fiery Onslaught S DLC O - - Y+L - Force Leader may help
Phantom Mist Maximum Attack Cross I S O Y - L - Leader had Rare Item boost.
Acquired in Warp Room.
Sangeyasha The Big Push S O Y - L - From personal experience, being a hunter
yielded 2 SY from this map.
Edel Fusil Ancient Invader S
Orga Anastasis
O - Y+L - - Having Ranger Leader will greatly
Increases drop for party
Edel Arrow Ancient Invader S
Orga Anastasis
O - - L Y Having Force Leader will greatly
Increases drop for party
Double Cannon Maximum Attack Cross II
Maximum Attack Cross III
O - - Y+L - Having a Force Leader
increases drop for party
Massacre Bunker Price of Knowledge S O - Y+L - - Having a Ranger Leader
increases drop rate for party
Impasse Phantasmal Requiem O - - - Y+L Vanguard are most preferred
Heavy Punisher Maximum Attack Cross IV S O - Y - L Having the highest class type to be
Ranger helps in this one.
Pandora Extreme Phantasmal Requiem O - L - Y Having Vanguard or Ranger Lead
helps increase drop rate
Ouroboros Maximum Attack Cross II O - - Y+L - Force Leader increases
drop rate
Absolute Blade Train Rescue S S Y+L - - - Hunter Class Type boosts droprate
Genuine Neiclaw Burning Snow S S Y+L - - - First Sector clear and
Peacemaker Burning Snow S S - - - Y+L Hunting in bulk
Berdysh Azure Symphony S O Y+L - - - Hunter+RIB was used.
Rare Drop Rate Blessing Used
Guld The Eastern Peril S S - Y+L - - Ranger Leader recommended.
Sector 1 only and remake.
Talis The Dual Sentinel S S - - Y+L - Force class recommended.
Specific Spawn Map and remake.
Fraulein Rose Multiped Threat S S - Y+L - - Ranger class with no Rare item boost recommended
as it is a common drop.