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Card Data

  • Card name: YTown Nate Dogg
  • Card no.: 60035870
  • Challenge Rank: God
  • Battle Class: AAA
  • Titles: 233/250
  • Rare Weapon Registry: 83/112


Web link:

For those who have an IRC client:

  • Server:
    • Channel: #psow

Character Profiles

Name Race Gender Level Type Type Level
YTown Nate Dogg Beast Male 148 Hunter 29
YTown Nate Dogg CAST Female 106 Ranger 18
YTown Nate Dogg Newman Female 102 Force 20
YTown Nate Dogg Human Male 111 Vanguard 22

I also have 4 Challenge Mode characters each named "CMode Nate Dogg".

Rare Weapon Registry Progress

Cat. Name
Last Survivor Replica Bloody Fluge Dyran Slayer ????
Fighting Beat Screw Gloves Sacred Dusters ????
Halva Rafagga Ubakurada Headbutt Demonic Fork Berdysh
Double Saber Replica Nyoibo Carriguine-Rucar ????
Ank Bico Bil De Horn Axe Ill Gill Testament Morat Machinas
Twin Fluorescents Dual DB's Swords Twin Distortion ????
Rappy Tippies Cross Scar Amure Tippies ????
Twin Photon Claws Twin Bear Claws Vanda Claws ????
Beefedge Rare Durandal Replica Kusanagi ????
Rappy Tip Assassin Dagger Diska Slasher ????
Booma Claw Faz'ntar Head Silence Claw ????
Accordion Whip Vitace Reacher Gigas Spinner ????
Sylpheed Nagesen Divine Breath ????
Black Meteora Frost Shot Bringer Rifle Rebellion
Shigga Bomac Van Brella ???? ????
Tengoh Bow Poron Southern Cross Rygutass Storm
Reol Variant Zoal Head Inferno Bazooka ????
Laser Pannon Gui Ghu Laser ???? ????
Bulletmastric Twin Varista T-Yasminkov 2000H ????
Beamguc Ruby Bullet ???? ????
Sand Rappy Bow Din De Bel Queen Viera ????
Dream Master Primera Fiore ???? ????
Beam Vulcanic H&K38 Combat Sp. ???? ????
Mark III Sonichi 490 Ossoria Shag ????
Plantain Leaf Chao Staff ???? ????
Papillion Dance Ragan Head Twinkle Star ????
Koltova Madog Shato Lukmin Dol Vaverg
Trinity Bash Green Ring Denish Mari ????